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Welcome to Bounties, where creativity and transparency are more than best friends, they are partners in completing beautiful work.

What is a bounty?

A bounty can be anything from creating a logo to developing an app. We just like to use it as a shorter way of saying ‘paid, creative task-based project’.

Find your next creative project on Bounties with upfront clarity. See directly what you’ll get paid and work with secure contracts. It’s completely commission-free and open internationally.

How it works

Sign up

Once you’re signed up, log in to view all available bounties. See one you like? Read through the project details, and get immediate clarity about deliverables, timelines and the verified compensation.

Pick and apply

So you found your perfect match of a project? Time to apply: let the questions of the form guide you through and add any relevant experience. Based on your application, the client will decide whether you are selected for the project or not. Fingers crossed!

Get selected

Your application has been reviewed and you are selected, hooray! Before you get started though, let’s align on the details. Click to accept the proposal and the agreed upon deliverables, timelines and budget will be automatically captured in a smart contract. Say goodbye to searching for an old-school contract template.

Know you’re being paid

Remember the reason why you chose to be a creative and not an accountant? Focus on working your magic with peace of mind. The verified budget is safely locked and automatically transferred to you once you meet the deliverables of your smart contract.

Get started

You can now start working with SuperHi on exciting projects, with more clients to follow. In the meantime we are in beta mode, testing to ensure the sweetest Bounties experience for you.

Commitment to Creatives

Bounties is for you, from SuperHi — an online platform and worldwide community of people who create. Through years of working with creatives, we’ve seen firsthand how having to chase payments and the uncertainty about deliverables and ownership can stifle creative work.

That’s why with Bounties we aim to provide a transparent, secure and easy platform where creatives can work their skills on exciting projects and spend less time worrying about getting paid and setting up contracts.


Feeling curious and want the full intel on how Bounties and the technology behind it works? You’ve come to the right spot.

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